AS-V160 Air Compressor
(Commercial Surface Supplied Diving Compressor Package)
(In Stock)

Part #AS-V160

*Compressor also available with diesel engine

  • Powered by Commercial 5 HP Honda Engine 4 cycle (gasoline) with manual start
  • Portable gas air compressor
  • Twin piston splash lubricated, two-stage, continuous duty compressor with a 12,000+ hour pump life!
  • Compressor is belt-driven, enclosed beltguard provides a shield around the flywheel, belt and motor pulley
  • Welded frame is powder-coated for maximum corrosion resistance and mounted on two balanced solid rubber tires
  • 20 Gallon (75.7 liters) ASME-certified volume tank with liquid filled gauges, regulator, and condensation drain
  • Pump has durable cast-iron cylinder for long life
  • After cooler provides dry, high-quality breathing air
  • 2 stage stainless steel air filteration system removes taste & odor


  • Compressor output 12 CFM (339.8 liters/minute)
    breathable air @ 135 PSI (930.8 kPa) Maximum continuous
  • 100% continuous duty for the toughest diving applications
  • Compressor shipped with certified diving compressor oil
  • Air tanks meet OSHA standards
  • Lifting handle easy mobility
  • Approximate runtime of 3 hours on 2 quarts (1.8922 liters)of gas
  • 3 Ft. (914.4 mm) Fresh air intake with particle filter
  • 2-100 Ft. (30.48 meters) Air hoses (optional 150' (45.72 meters) air hose)
  • 2-Second stage regulators
  • 2-Twin shoulder commercial style harnesses
  • All equipment sold individually or in packages

Compressor weight: 200 lbs (90.7 kg) Dimensions: 42 " (106.6 cm) L x 22" (55.9 cm) W x 33 " (83.8 cm) H

Recommended for commercial diving operations. Will support up to 3 divers! Used worldwide for hull cleaning, ship and dock maintenance, underwater construction, gold dredging, harvesting lobster.

Note: Filter system does not remove carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide!

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